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Originally Posted by Sanchez
Since his first job for the Soviet Military Intelligence in the rubble of Stalingrad in 1943 at the age of 17, Igor has been working for various intelligence services on the dark side of the iron curtain. A master of disguise persuation and forgery Igor has been the subject of many rumors on the streets of Moscow, Washington and London: He is believed to be a family member of the old Tsar regime in Russia where he inherited stong ties with the British Royal Family, he is also known to be involved in the assasination of JFK, the Soviet coup in Afghanistan, a close advisor to Kim Il Sung in N-Korea. Some also he also had a role in the assasination of princess Diana acting on orders from MI5 where he served as a double agent. His background from the Theatre in Moscow came in handy when he recieved the Nobel Peace price in Oslo acting as Yelena Bonner, Mr. Sakharov's wife. Other famous TV acts includes the pope Johannes Paul II, the king of Sweeden "Knugen", the lead singer in the band U2: Bono and others.
His last appearance was at a peace conference in the Middle East just before the outbreak of the Libanon war.
He is now known to have Alzheimers disase with severe memory loss and having performed several plastic operations on himself, it is hard to know where he is, who he is, what he looks like and whether he is alive.
Offcourse beeing in such a delusioned state, with severe Alzheimer's nobody really what you did and didn't do;your former superiors are dead and the records where all lost in a fire you think you had something to do with,so in the later years people tend to distrust your outrageous claims on history, but they allways question wonder afterwords....what if that old mans tales where true?
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