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Originally Posted by DigTw0Grav3s View Post
Did anybody read Red Storm Rising? There was a bit about the A-10's brutal effect on Soviet armor, but it also points out that the Warthogs were flying into some of the most dense IADS in the world. Even with excellent crews, A-10 drivers would probably lose the numbers game.
Yeah - basically when a flight of two popped up every trooper around the general officer the book was focusing on screamed "Devil's crosses!" and went into panic mode.

IIRC in Coyle's Bright Star (or maybe it was Sword Point) a young Soviet officer witnesses an A10 flight's attack on his truck convoy at dusk, and watches his vehicles and men burst into flames every time the "bright red beam" from the A10's nose (they were firing tracer rounds) hit; his assumption was that they were armed with energy weapons since nothing else could do that.
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