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Default T2k Campaign WANT ADS

If you build it, they will come. There are lots of online T2k games going on out there on the interwebs (PbP, PBEM, live chat games, etc.), but they're not always easy to find. Hopefully, we can help.

Are you a player seeking a Ref? If so, this is a place to let them know. If they're looking for players and have an opening, they can PM you an invitation to join.

Are you a Ref seeking players? If so, advertise your campaign here and get ready for the RTJ's to come rolling in.

Heck, maybe you're looking to Ref or play in an in-person game of T2k. It's a small word- you just might find someone here that happens to reside in your neck of the woods IRL to game with FtF.

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