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Default American Soldiers - a day in iraq

kcdusk 03-18-2006, 07:38 PM Anyone seen this movie?

Its in the new release sections here in australia.

April 2004 was the bloodiest month for casualties since the end of the war. This is one of those days, based on "true events".

Linked to blackhawk down in some way.

Its been released without any fan fare that i know of, And sometimes these movies have a bad case of being really lame, despite what the cover says.


Badbru 03-19-2006, 08:36 AM Yes, I'm sad to say I've seen it.

The phrase "Poorly and cheaply made propaganda" springs to mind in describing it.

If this movie bares any resemblance to how things are over there, and in particular to how US troops conduct the, what by now should be considered, "peace-making" then I truly fear for them, and understand why they have the casualty figures they have reported in the end credits.

The final battle sequence where the US troops have run out of ammo and defeat the Iraqis' with their knives and bare hands allmost had me pushing the eject button then and there!

Save your money and skip it. I wish I had.


kcdusk 03-20-2006, 04:46 AM Oh boy.

Sorry Badbru. I actually had the dvd here at home when i posted that. Too late she cried!!!

This movie stinks. The budget looks like it was ok. But the story made me want to puke. The decisions the characters made was awful. Why do soldiers walk down a hostile road in groups of 5 or more? Ah, thats right! because they neatly fit into a mortar blast radius!!!

Terrible terrible terrible. It looks and sounded ok (no blackhawk down though) but the message was off, the acting worse and the decision making ... i'm lost for words.

Do we have moderators here? I've never heard of any. NOrmally moderators have moderator in there signature or something and have 4 figure posts and such.

Can we get this thread locked please? Save yourself the pain and dont get this movie. Very dissappointing.

maybe if i cuss and swear enough i'll get someones attention to close this down.

Sorry guys. This one wont be in the T2K inspiration thread.


BnF95 03-20-2006, 04:57 AM Sorry guys. This one wont be in the T2K inspiration thread.

Alternatively, it could be a movie to show players on ... THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN ON A PATROL.


kcdusk 03-20-2006, 01:08 PM I couldnt sleep last night, i kept thinking about all that was wrong with this movie.

At the end, when they are sort of cornered in a quarry, the enemy is 30-50m's away, they run out of ammo. So they draw pistals and fire them like its going out of fashion.

then silence ...

the iraquis know they have them now "whoppie" they all yell.

Then despite having GUNS, they creep over the top of a dirt pile only to be engaged by mad-evil-expert-knife-tricky USA grunts!!!! So despite having guns they are all knifed to death????


Targan 03-20-2006, 11:38 PM If you are losing sleep over problems you have perceived in movies, you should seek help. Don't worry about it. American film makers have a long and glorious tradition of mixing utter crap in with good releases. One positive out of this thread is that I am unlikely to ever inflict that movie upon myself.

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