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Talking Excellent news Willies

The Praetorian Guard has discovered an abandoned oil well close to Eureka. It has been closed long before the twilight war because of not beeing profitable. General Pain offers this info as a gesture of good will for the continuing security of Eureka and it's citizens.

Apart from this an Iron ore abandoned since 2004 has also been discovered.

As a side note; plans to make more alge-vats (non-soylent-green) have started with local engineers and farmers. GP insists that 10 or more of these should be made, apart from this a steady flow of recruits to a lumberjack-platoon/battalion should be the solution to the upcoming freeeeesing winter.

The hidden Doppler-radar station should be dismantled and moved to eureka; also discovered by the praetorian guard.

Trust,unity,freedom,security and peace along a military noone dears attack are the Generals plans

Also: Since our situation is as dire as it is a law/punishment system with strict rules should be set up; I suggest forced labouor for lawbreaking as we have fortifications,buidlings,repairs etc to do/fix/build.

(Wolf-company recruitment poster)
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