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Default Eureka sept.15th Temperature: + 9 C* Gas Power Plant

While attending endless meetings ,Willis comes into contact with a clerk during a break .The two men discuss the situation in plain terms ,and Willis is shocked to hear that the clerk might hold the key to resolve the difficulties the town is in .

The clerk mentions in by-sentence that his brother used to work in the Rancho Seco powerplant in Sacramento .

Astounded Willis grabs the guy and launches a full investigation to clear all the facts up .

The mans brother worked on the gas power plant project in the Rancho Seco plant in 2003-2005 .The plant was going to go online in 2006 ,but was never finished due to teotwawki .(Aka shtf). It was supposed to consist of several units such as the one in Eureka for a total of 500 Mw Hrs .The same model turbines.From the same company.That was all ended by the attacks and the subsequent disorder.

The plant was nevertheless brought nigh on completion and valuable parts etc might be found on the site ,as well as documentation etc .
This might very well mean that the missing turbine parts as well as the control gear mechanism might be there or in the area.

Knowing well that the mission will recieve the highest priority in the council ,and that whoever pulls it of will rack up a major influence bonus -Willis must now decide how to proceed.Many out there would go far to bring this one home .Old allies could turn to enemies over such a prize.

He hurriedly assigns the clerk to another job at his hq and starts preparations for whatever his next move might be .

Fortunately ,NO-ONE knows ANYTHING about this so far but him and the clerk.

This one needs to be handled juuust right .

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