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I ran a longish campaign in Southern California. It was a Red Dawn-ish fight against the invading Mexican and Soviet forces after the TDM. It was centered around the In,and Empire since that's where we lived and knew the area. There's a lot of really goofy stuff in City of Angels if you know the local geography better than a AAA map.

The group ended up harrying the Mexican forces along the coast until they pulled back to San Diego. In the Inland Empire and the deserts the Mexican forces were kept south of the I10 from California into Arizona.

In my Twilight game (a mix of v1 and v2's setting with some Merc 2k elements and Tom Clancy rip-offs) a lot of SoCal's big nuke targets had their personnel and equipment moved throughout the state before the TDM. The nukes landing in LA and bases like March destroyed fixed infrastructure (refineries and factory buildings etc) but equipment that could be moved largely survived. A lot of the population had also migrated towards less likely nuke targets once non-nuclear fighting began in earnest. Fuel, POL, and other supplies were scarce but a lot of equipment at least survived and was serviceable.

The PCs didn't automatically have a bunch of extra supplies but they had a giant playground of abandoned suburbia where they could salvage literally tons of supplies. Their main "base" was a pick-a-part/garage where they could keep up their 70s vintage pickups, SUVs, and a couple of police Crown Vics. Their MO against the invading forces was stealth and then a lot of speed.
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