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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
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For me, I haven't seen 4th edition yet, I'll buy it sometime in the near future. I've had the 3rd edition book for several years. I am lead to believe 3rd Ed. isn't that much different from the earlier editions except that it introduced rules associated with role-playing (because, apparently, they didn't actually have such rules originally - I don't know this for certain as I've never seen the 1st or 2nd Ed. books).
I used to post quite often on and I've been mildly amused that younger role players seem to feel the need for all sorts of rules and regulations for RPing where us older lumps would just 'act in character' and the GM would adjudicate it.
Then again in older games it was traditional that everyone was very enthused with the rules and usually have a good knowledge of them so GMing was kind of a group thing
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