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Default The Atomic Hobo

Not sure if anyone else has heard Julie's podcast but it's fantastic.

She has a real interest in the gritty details of EOTWASWKI and classic civil defence, whilst being fun and engaging.

Certainly it's been very interesting to compare her many episodes on the UK, where the end game seemed to be managed decline of an entire nation. And Newzealand where it was more about the government persuading citizenry that things would probably be ok even if the rest of the world was dead.

e.g. the UK War Time Broadcasting service would have had no entertainment as the whole country would be listening to the radio on battery power (no BBC post war there's a dark thought)

But the Kiwis would have government radiation checkers to persuade farmers to go back to work.

Interesting stuff, especially that the UK by the 1980s would have moved its government to a collection of nuclear bunk, car ferries as the safest location for continuation of government.

But yes a surprisingly fun and engaging resource for giving a campaign a harder more realistic edge (perhaps set in the immediate aftermath)
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