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Originally Posted by Raellus
Once again, nice work. I recognize the Soviet sniper one from a Ron Volstad plate in one of the Osprey Elite books. Volstad and Angus McBride are two of my favorite military illustrators.
I thought I recognized those.

Pictures are great, but your ACUs are slightly off in a few of those...missing the IR chit covers, and three cell writing utensil pouch on the left forearm sleeve. Also, the cuffs and their velcro should be present. The rank insignia on the chest, unless it's a two star general or more, needs to be a two by two inch square. Note that with the first pic, the bottom part of the ACU coat blouses out more, following the cut of the male Vee shape of the torso that melds into his pelvic area. Finally, a very slight, but noticeable line goes down the center of the velcro shoulder sleeve insignia areas on either shoulder.

Sorry if I offend, I just have a very intimate relationship with the Army Combat Uniform.
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