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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a full blown carrier group, nor that they're well. My understanding is the assault carrier at the heart of it all is immobilised from battle damage, and most of the other ships aren't much better off. Nothing 12 months in a decent shipyard can't fix, if only one was available....
You guys are confusing canon with some of the Great Matt W's posts.

Canon RDF sourcebook has the assault carrier Belleau Wood LHA 3 functional as part of TF 76.

The Great Matt W posted an RDF orbat previously, I couldn't find it, but I found this in the archives.

"The carrier immobilized at Muscat, Oman is USS Independence (CV-62) with both torpedo damage and ASM damage. If a shipyard with supertanker size dry-dock was available, it would take 18 months of repairs to get her seaworthy. A caretaker crew is aboard, but most have been reassigned to other 5th FLT ships in the Gulf. "
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