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Ok lets go with Canon

USN ships still active and part of MilGov

RDF - a missile cruiser, a gun cruiser, several frigates

Kenya - a missile cruiser, several destroyers and frigates - per Frank Frey from his notes for the unpublished Lions in Twilight module

Troubled Waters - John Hancock and three Forest Sherman DD's plus a bunch of smaller vessels

Last Submarine - SSN

Naval and Aviation book - USS Tarawa

and since Korea was never discussed in a canon module but its assume those guys didnt swim there you can bet there is a task force there too

And the ships that brought the men to the RDF didnt transit the Med without escort - thats how you throw away 6000 men's lives - so that means more ships brought them there past the French and any Italian or Greek ships

oh and why wasnt Tarawa the command ship in Going Home - how about as simple as the skipper of the John Hancock was superior to him as to time in rank and thus would be the Task Force Commander
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