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Or you could have Tarawa not sunken but have taken significant damage to where she wouldnt be useful for the command ship - i.e. her radios, sensors, etc.. could be out and she is basically unable to exercise command functions outside of using signal flags.

That happened during WWII when ships took damage to where they were still operable but where they couldnt exercise command anymore - for instance San Francisco after she got pounded at Guadalcanal - still afloat but she was in no shape to be the command ship anymore

There are no details on who commanded the effort - and if there wasnt a seperate task force commander present then the senior naval officer present would take over as Task Force Commander - so if its the Captain of the Hancock then he is it. (all it takes is for him to be one day senior to everyone else and he would have command fall to him)

Plus having Tarawa present allows the US to evac helicopters and other equipment that divisions have been hauling around per canon and does it without any disruption of the canon (no one, no matter how partisan one way or another is going to say that Tarawa is even a tenth as capable as a Nimitz class nuclear carrier and that her still being in the USN means the US is now ruling the waves)

And it would go to also saying why the Marines got stranded - i.e. Tarawa was needed elsewhere

and you would think if Tarawa had been lost or grounded, given how the handbooks were written, it would have mentioned her loss so soon after the picture was taken

thus no matter how much Legbreaker wants her sunk, she most likely was part of Omega
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