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A thought occurs to me re: the Tarawa. I don't think it's been mentioned before - apologies if it has and / or I'm stating the obvious.

Going Home is part of the T2K V1 chronology

The Nautical / Aviation Guide is part of the T2K V2x chronology

They are essentially two different timelines (albeit from the summer of 1997 onwards the differences are limited).

Its possible that in the v1 timeline the USS Tarawa may have been sunk long before the summer of 2000.

We know that GDW reissued at least one module to support V2x (Rendevous in Krakow) in a revised format with some different material. Perhaps if things hadn't gone the way they did we might have seen a revised Going Home at some point in time, which may have had the Tarawa as the TF34 flagship.

Just a thought...
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