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Originally Posted by pmulcahy11b View Post
The New Jersey is not in service how about an AC-130 instead?

Think about the press! Anyone remember when the Philadelphia PD dropped a bomb (just a package of explosives, really) on the apartment building where the radical group MOVES was holed up? The police got eviscerated in the press for months.
Yeah so do the Gangs. They realize as well as most local/State governments that there are limits that people are willing to accept. The general population don't want to feel as if they live in a police state. The local Law Enforcement knows that for most things they can handle, and many try not to think about the what if the sh!t hit the fan type stuff. They know it there, but as long as it doesn't happen on my beat they try not to dwell on it.

One thing about that one failed bank robbery, with the two bank robbers wearing the home-made bullet proof armor and how ill prepared local law enforcement was for it drove home a point. It part of the reason why many local police agency have went out of the way to better prepare their officers and SWAT teams. With some going so far as arming their some regular patrol officer with 5.56mm weapons instead of riot guns.
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