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Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post
So how about an Undercover BATFE Agent posing with a MANPADS? Yes some gangs do have ordinance and thankfully they don't usually use such things. Then again in 1995 the Banditos fired two AT-4 rockets into a Hells Angel's clubhouse.
Neither one of these support your theory of US gangs have rocket launchers

The 1995 incident with the Banditos and Hell Angels happen in Sweden, not the US. the Anti-tank weapons were stolen from one of many weapons caches the army had placed in the country side to provide quick reaction to a Soviet Invasion during the cold war.

The picture you show is of former BATF Agent Jay Dobyns, it is displayed on his website, with the caption under cover with stinger in China Lake California 1990. Did he buy it from someone? or was he using it as part of sting operation? The whole thing looks odd and it hard to make a lot of details or the colour which would let us know if it is a real weapon system and not a trainer.
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