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From 9/20/2011

Last month, US Border Patrol agents found a dangerous cache of military weapons along the Rio Grande while patrolling the river near Fronton, Texas not far south of the Falcon Lake dam that the Los Zetas Cartel had earlier plotted to blow up, intelligence had indicated.

The cache also was found in an area intelligence more recently indicated the Gulf Cartel had ordered its cross-border smugglers to engage Border Patrol and any other US border region law enforcement officers who get in the way of narco-smuggling operations.

Similarly, several years ago an FBI San Antonio Field Office intelligence advisory strongly warned that the Sinaloa Cartel also had ordered its street enforcers to engage US law enforcement officers to protect cartel smuggling operations across the border into the United States.

Inside the black bag Border Patrol agents found south of Falcon Lake partially hidden by brush was a Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) “loaded with a rocket projectile,” according to a source familiar with the seized weapons, a grenade launcher, “TNT cylinder” bombs, six automatic assault rifles and numerous extended capacity magazines, “standard M-4 hand guards” for the M16/AR15 assault rifle and a 2.5 pound C-4 “charge demolition” block in its US military olive drab Mylar wrapping.

So the answer is yes there could be gangs armed with anti-tank weapons - the question is how many other LAW's actually got into cartel gangs hands and their surrogates here in the US
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