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Default S05e01

Season 5 opened with a bang as several of the protagonists were attacked right from the outset.The Takashi family were subjected to a vicious assassination attempt and a coup de etÃ*t that went horribly wrong leaving all the traitors shot to death.The leader ,Col Lee of the 1st SOG got away though.DECorba made his move against the ever more disrespectful rebels ,but was beaten back at the battle of Cabrillo Highway.Meanwhile ,WillisCo CEO -Rupert Willis - finalized agreements with the former MilGov units about coopration and co existence .Eureka proper was secured and a "Green Zone" set up .The environs however ,are under constant threath from marauders -especially the dreaded "Dead Dogs " or "DogSkull" groups .An attack on a large column of refugees was thwarted by the CEO himself , leading his men into a bloody firefight against the marauders .The incident left over 200 refugees dead before the bandits could be beaten back .Both sids suffered losses-though the marauders left app 170 dead and badly wounded behind.
In LA the family feud climaxed with the Pain Succession Wars defining moment.Zorg shelled Gen Pains Library Tower forcing a retreat after a 6 hour artillery and aerial battle.Pain and his last loyal men fled north ,linking up with Takashi and her ragged band of followers -also running away .The tasked column then rendevouzed with the harried forces of DeCorba and the now huge column marched north .Under constant attack or threat from marauders and NDP patrols , the refugees did eventually reach Eureka and percieved safety .Rations were distributed at last ,as the last few dayd of marching had been with little or no food for most .

Reconstruction efforts intensified as the weather grew unormally cold for the time of year. The protagonists -now refugees - decided to delegate reconstruction tasks and to conduct a secret operation to secure crucial supplies and research from the former TRISTATE RESEARCHFACILITY.This does not go well however ,as they are finally confronted with the real secret of the facility -a military robotics program gone haywire.After taking casualties and rounding up what they can ,the group returns to Eureka for R n R .The town has now swelled to 10 000 souls.Its housing projects ,seldefence forces and supply situation is progressing -but there are worries as the food supply will run out in 5 months , without prospects of getting any more...
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