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Default A hook for a possible adventure

The NS Savannah

Two minute video from Youtube of the NS Savannah

So thinking about some naval ships, here is one for you GM's looking for an interesting adventure and maybe have a fun way to have your players go in a sea cruise. From 1981 till 1994 (In the real life time line) the NS Savannah was at Patriot's Point in Charleston, SC as a museum ship, but was supposed to be available in 180 days of activation in the time of war to become a cargo ship (just like any other NRDF fleet ship). Then she had a huge dry dock bill that the Patriot's Point trust couldn't afford and MARAD pulled her back and laid her up at Newport News, VA from 1994 till 2006. When she was moved to SF and the piers there.

So one could say that maybe someone recognizing that the war is coming pulls the Savannah from Charleston and send her instead of towards Newport News for record of her reactor, maybe around to either Long Beach, CA or maybe up to Bremerton, WA where the other two nuclear support yards were located at the time. However, after the Thanksgiving massacre she was laid up in some harbor out of the way and doing like the USS City of Corpus Christi was doing, supplying power to the region and acting as a defensible cache for supplies.
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