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Default "Expendable"

in a flash we where Oscar Mike, humping a small animal trail far within the woods. The sound of machines repairing the bridge seemed to crossfade into lively birdcallings, and for a second we felt good. For a second that where, jackson our radio guy, or jay-jay as we all called him, heared our callsign ten minutes before scheduel, never a good sign... ..." got to be shitting me sir, what are we going to do? use bad language?!.. yes sir, immediatly", he turned to the LT with a doomed look, and just shook his head as he handed the receiver to the LT.
Mouse came, as mice do when they smell something fresh, or rotten in this case. Dirk whit his eye for detail, soon followed
"What?" Mouse mumbled to jay-jay, jay-jay just stared empty at him, as trying to tell a story telepathicly, uneccessary as the LT almost yelled into the radio "we have no explosives sir, what about that cant you understand?"
"they want us to go back?!" Mouse continued as Jay-Jay just started to stare at the ground. "fucking christ in a fruitbasket... ...dont they know we dont have the resources for this? or dont they even care?" Jay jay just shrugged his shoulder, he knew the answer, they all 'knew' the answer.
"yes sir!!! see ya all in hell sir!" LT gave jay the radio, as he crouched to the ground "here is the new drill boys, we need to get back to the bridge and hold it"
"seriously sir, do they now that we are a sabotage team, coz this sure sounds like a an assault"
LT smiled "we dont need an assault team, we have mighty Mouse, he is as good as ten assault teams" "i am good, i aint that good" mouse replied worried.
Dirk was about to say something but closed his mouth before the end of the first word, LT looked at him for a split second "yeah i know Dirk, it is a fucking anthill by now, i am not suggesting a frontal attack" "well" said Dirk "what are you saying?" LT looked at him, mouse and jay jay putting up the biggest smile he could muster "have i ever failed you guys, i figure something out. Now tell the boys 'dinners canceled' we're going back to clean this fubar mission, and this time i will do it my own way, that is WE WILL DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!! OK"
they all nooded and scattered towards their men, unassured about the result awaiting, all smiling as to beef up whats surely is going to be a morale-drop any second.

"dusk commin" Muhaman remarked as he was lightning up a cigarette, well in this day and age they called it a cigarette anyway, filling his lungs with toxic smoke. No need for saving this one for the enemy he thought sucking so hard at it, that it almost looked, and sounded like a fuse burning.
"take five, change socks" LT almost whispered. He felt he could hear the wehicles pushing over the bridge like blood trough a wein, none of the other men seemed to notice.
And how he knew that there was surely going to be three enemy squads guarding both end of the bridge, he didnt knew, it had to be combat experience that made him aware of this, though other of his men called it 'angel-vision', he just smiled at the mear meaning while signaling Mouse to get over.
"How many squads you recon we have to deal with LT?" LT would be suprised if this was the first time Mouse asked questions that perfectly fitted his thought pattern, but it wasnt. Quickly he lay his suspisions infront of him, Mouse looked the way Mouse looked like, worried.
"first things first, mouse. i'd say we have half an hour of light left, we hump while light, then pucker down and catch some Z's while two men scouting team gives us a overview of the bridge..." "I voulentare sir" "...I knew you would, i'll come with. Dirk can keep the men safe, he surely know how its done anyway" they both chuckled as a image flashed them of Dirk hiding inside an enemies weapons crade. "last place they wanted to shoot up sir..." LT looked at him "..LT I mean" "no worries Mouse, i just dont like sir, and soon you better be calling me by my christian name" Mouse smiled a little "hmmm, i am not sure if i want to run into a firefight with Danny, you know...oh danny boy the pipes the pipes are callin..." LT chuckled real bad now, calling the attention of the other men, he saw them in the corner of his eye "it's okay mouse, you may call me whatever you like, as long as you keep saving our collected asses" LT gave him a friendly slap on the check and pointed him back at his sector.
As soon as mouse headed back, LT looked over at dirk squatting over a log, dirk smiled a smile of relief.
"that is more disgusting then the war Dirk" Jim, the new guy, laughed.
"dont laugh NEWBIE" Jay-Jay said seriously, jim stopped quick, with a unsure look over his face "You see jim, what we have here is the latest in post motherfucking warfare, it is namely a biological, psycological and as u surely fucking smell a chemical attack aimed towards the enemy..." he smiled more and more "... I mean jesus christ Dirk, atleast give US a gas warning before you even THINK of dropping your pants and showing us your sorry excuse for a dick...Dirk" they all laughed quietly, jim especially.
"theire is no substitute for dropping a log in the forrest" dirk laughed
"jay, watch your motherfucking crackerass language, you dont know if those new asshole here is religious or shit, and dirk... ...god damn it man i have'nt seen you sweat that much since the night at RedLight, i know what you ate that night but what the fuck have you been eating now", dirk dragged on his pants looked quickly over the group and smiled widely. "nothing other then the Meals ready to 'exit' MuhaMYman, give me a container of it, and i give you a brick house made of shit and sweat"
The sound of laughs became increasingly louder, LT had to break it up, he didnt want to, as the laugh of his men where like sweets to his ears, but he had to.
"sound controll" he remarked and abruptly ended the whole friendly bantering, they still smiled at eachother, but where once again whitin enemy lines where rules of conduct could save the whole squad.
"Dirk get over here" LT signaled.
"what ya want from me LT?" he sat himselves down and dragged his shoes of. LT smellt the decaying sence of old, wet and uncleaned feet, it smelled like dirty chlorine, almost overpowering his train of thought.
"nothing special dirk, I just want you and the rest of the guys to find a good hiding place, i know your skills whit that, and they are good" Dirk almost stopped draging his sock of for a second "cheeze man, if it wherent that dark, ive would never have placed myselves that close to the crate, you got to know that LT?" "shut up dirk, it aint a hidden digg at you, i`m actually giving you a complimant, and the responsibility for keeping my men safe, until mouse and me scouts out the place, it should go quick as we already know the lay of the land" Dirk looked at him as he picked up a pair of dry, though dirty, socks from his pack. "youre going alone?" "its better that way Dirk, less chance to get spotted, less noise..." "less support" Dirk interrupted, as he was concentrating on drying and scrubbing his feet. LT was quietly thinking, he noticed a big bolding blister on the side of Dirks big toe. "the thing is dirk, i trust you will keep the green horns alive and get them some Z's before we go in. we need them shooting tomorrow not covering behind a rock somewhere, and you are the one that can get that to happen, and you should pinprick a couple of places arround that blister, before it pops or it will hurt like hell" Dirk looked up at LT nodding.
Lt started walking away from him when he suddenly turned arround "And for god sakes Dirk, keep 'comedy Jay central' to a minimum. A good laugh and we could be heard, no strike that, we WILL be heard. this aint the place for fuck ups" LT stared at Dirk looking to see if it registered, their eyes meet eachother and Dirk understood "roger that", dirk understood too good "I dont like this LT, i dont like it at all" LT just smiled as he turned arround "worst scenario: the war is over for us".
Lt went his round, checking his men, Dirk looked over at him as stood with the rookies pointing towards him, he smiled and nodded. Fuck this was going to be a long night he thought, and an even longer tomorrow. He had a bad feeling, and he was`nt the only one, LT had it too, the greenhorns didnt see it put the rest of the guys could see LT calculating strategies, usually they where over pretty quick, this had been going on since the comunicay. "this isnt good at all" Dirk mumbled to himselves tighting up his boots.
"on your feet ladies" LT commanded, and they quietly started walking forward.
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