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Hi Mcchordsage I remember this alternative version of the Twilight War. It was a very good read if a bit far out there. I saved it all onto a CD and I posted it all up on here about five years ago or so. I think everyone who read it liked it.

I've been checking this list with the first and second additions of the American Combat Vehicle Handbook. None of the ten divisions were listed as reformed in the Twilight War, at least not before the U.S. government split into CIVGOV and MILGOV factions. After the splitting of the U.S. Government I believe there were militia units attached to both factions. It is conceivable that either faction could reform these divisions and fill them with militia or new recruits to increase the number and the loyalties of the forces under their command in CONUS. I don't think raising the manpower would be a problem, but equipping and arming them would certainly be a problem. More likely divisions in name only, but of brigade size with some weak regiments and battalions. But they would still be an organised force under a command structure, and more accountable to either faction than irregular militia forces.

Do you have any more information on the organisation of of U.S. forces in this period?
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