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For those looking for canon the fanzine does have some new items that can be used for those using various canon publications for their campaigns for background information or to expand the canon.

The Senegalese Tirailleurs references and expands several canon units from Going Home, the RDF and the East Africa/Kenya sourcebook.

The 15th Senegalese Tirailleurs Regiment is in Going Home while the 1st Senegalese Parachute Regiment is in the RDF.

The official canon East Africa/Kenya Sourcebook mentions both the 20th Senegalesee Tirailleurs Battalion in the section on Liberia and the 6th Senegalese Tirailleurs Regiment is mentioned as fighting in the Central African Republic against the LRA.

Matt's Naval Forces article has sections in it that I added the official canon US and French IO and Kenya naval forces from the East Africa sourcebook.
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