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Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
Out of curiosity, does anyone know if certain Canadian ships are crewed by French Canadian crew and others are crewed by English speaking crews?

Or are all ships crewed by a mix of French and English speakers?

What I'm wondering is whether certain ships would have been likely to declare for the Quebec Government after it splits from the Canadian Federal Government?

Ships can be designated as English, French, or Bilingual. Note regardless of a designation - all of the officers would be bilingual (or at least having taken the required training to be bilingual).

If a unit is designated English or French, I also believe a portion (20%) will still be of the other language.

Its not a serious handicap as you might think. Even on board say a French vessel, emergency situations would be conducted in English for the safety of the English speakers.

I have my doubts as to a ship defecting en masse. Some crew sure, but not the ship. It would be over simplifying the French IMO.
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