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The Pope remained in Fascist Italy and then in Nazi German-occupied Italy, during WWII so why would he leave a [loosely] Soviet-allied Italy in WWIII? Is he scared of the Godless commies? The Nazis were not big fans of the Catholic faith/curch. Politically, Italy has often leaned to the left and, AFAIK, the papacy has never considered relocating to a more right-leaning country. Would the Soviets touch him? I doubt it. The political fallout, especially in largely Catholic South America and parts of Africa, would be too great, even in a F'ed-up T2K world. Why bother? Keep an eye on him and leave him be. If he steps out of line, orchestrate an "accident" or "illness" and lean on the college of cardinals to pick someone more acceptable as the next Pope. Come to think of it, if the Pope's inner circle caught wind of such a plot, he might try to relocate. But, I doubt that anyone but the most strong-willed and idealistic person would consider threatening his own life and position in a contest of wills with the Soviets and/or the hard-line Italian communist government. I think he'd stay put.

I'm seriously considering creating a T2K campaign centered around a group of French Foreign Legion commandos sent to Rome to kidnap the Pope and return him to French territory (or maybe neutral Switzerland).
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