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This from the V2.2 BYB page 216:

Reactive Armour Blocks: Reactive armour blocks are special explosive charges fitted to the outside of an AFV for additional amour protection. These blocks detonate when hit by a round larger than 35mm in diameter and the explosion is directed outwards interfering with HEAT type warheads on rockets, missiles and grenades. Reactive armour has no effect on kinetic energy penetrators (those rounds with AP).
Reactive armour blocks may be applied to the turret front and sides, and the hull front of any AFV which as the appropriate attachment lugs installed. Installing these lugs takes welding equipment and 1 manhour per unit of armour. Reactive armour adds 80 to the AV of the protected face. Some vehicles come with attachment lugs already installed (the vehicle card will say if this is the case).
Each unit covers one tenth of an armour face, and is destroyed when activated. The number of units destroyed on any given face is the D10 roll to hit an unprotected part of the armour face.
If it moves, shoot it, if not push it, if it still doesn't move, use explosives.

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