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Be interesting if Frank Frey would come back on the board again - love to ask him why there aren't any Soviet units between the XI Corps and the German border -and also why there is almost no units of any type in East Germany - its like the country was abandoned by both sides

I never really looked at the map before - had this image of the XI Corps surrounded by hostile forces - but really with the exception of what is left of the 5th, the one cav troop in southern Poland and the 8th they are pretty much wide open to going back.

And I don't see what is left of the Poles wanting to get into a big fight to eject them - especially since there aren't any German units left with them.

It looks like the Soviets may have been deep into East Germany and then after they got stopped started to withdraw to the east - and the XI Corps doesnt know the road is wide open
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