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Oh we can go even more in depth than that!

Like Texans, oil people, gulf coast folks, ranchers and then city folk or "city slikers."

Texans are a totaly unique type of American, and much like Europe each region of the US has a unique cutlure and even dialect and food mmmmmmmmmmm.

And these regional differences are not totaly defined by the states either although they are a rough guideline.

Red Star Lone Star as the example deals with Texas of course, so here are some of the ehtnic groups in Texas, and I am sure to omit some.

Mexican Americans, these are two or three groups! The desendants of the original settlers, old immigrants who came eh, WWII and before and recent LEGAL immigrants who came circa 1960 and on. Most of these would in my mind be loyal Americans they would just have darker hair and hispanic names.

ILLEGALS- in a T2K world these would probably have more alleigance to the invading Mexicans as well as be a large majority of looters and some banditry and petty theft.

Native Americans; these are the Indians we see in the movies, although they would be in the West if I recall right, although they can live anywhere.

Marauders can be anyone of the groups as well.

I would also add that Texas has several military bases as well and all of what goes with them, a slew of military retirees, a large portion of military persons who got out near their bases after a few tours, civilian contractors, and of course a military hospital.

Texas is also very liberal with their gun laws, yes you can own a fully automatic weapon in the state, actualy weapons. And it has a large proportion of the population owning firearms.

It is rural in many places and the distances between some of the cities/towns are rather great as well.

Oh yeah, most Texans have a terrible accent that is worse in many places and they all have an ego from hell!
"God bless America, the land of the free, but only so long as it remains the home of the brave."
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