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Originally Posted by Enfield View Post
Where in Africa does it take place?
They initially started north of the Kenyan town of El Mak fighting Somali fighters aligned with Al Shabaab ("the young ones"). They were acting as PMCs for a private UN-sponsored company providing medical and humanitarian services in the region. This often put them at odds with the UN (who viewed them as mercenaries to be constantly watched) and the Kenyan Military Commander (also the African Union Official in the area) who viewed the UN mission as an "infringement" on his authority.

Then (after winning the hearts of the local Kenyan military) they took a job training African Union troops in the Lake Albert region of Uganda (supported by a US energy company that formerly mined the DRC region West of the lake). Here they confronted a small group of Boko Haram ("western influence is sinful") operating out of Democratic Republic of The Congo (which has a 10% Muslim population under constant attack by Christians), AND militant Christian groups from the very same country. They aided in the defense of several small villages South of Arva Uganda North of Lake Albert from Christian militias moving from both the DRC and travelling North from Rwanda.

Their latest mission was a hostage extraction from Rwanda back to Uganda (the village of Kabale). This was a Lloyds of London supported action to recover World Health Organization volunteers who were captured during an attack on a refugee camp in Rwanda.

Now they are taking a security job in Niger protecting UN assets against Boko Haram operating there.
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