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Default Frontline Havre

4. March

Sea Org attacks with renewed strength, approx 2 companies of elite Sea Org supported by motorskis and mortars.
Col. Jones, commander of the Waltham Co. detachment and veteran of the Pacific Pirate wars 2023-29, seizes control over the defense of Havre.

It appears larger units of local antigovt militia arre trying to exploit the fighting to inflict casualties on both sides in harrassing attacks.
Forward elements of the US army 10th Mountain Brigade arrives from the East.

The Party have both been engaged in "negotiations" with local crime boss Floyd Banner about work on bootlegging operations, and asked to scout the western outskirts of town- and decide to skip town under the cover of darkness, the Durant Brothers, three big mountain boys who seem displeased at the prospect of competition centered in the literal Havre underground.

The heavy fighting can be heard several miles away and lights up Havre at night - flashes and stray tracer rounds softened by the falling snow are accompanied by muffled bursts and explosions that last through the night.

At dawn, it seems like another stalemate has been established.

5. March

The Party heads toward Billings to scout westwards, giving the fighting in and around town a wide berth. Towards late afternoon, Finlay and Travis spots a line of camouflaged infantry on skis, appears to be additional Sea Org tropps, about a platoon. There is a stretch in the line, but the Party decides to wait til after sunset (which comes very early this time of year), and attack the troops when they are encamped.

A vicious firefight ensues, several Sea Orgists killed in their sleeping bags by indiscriminate automatic fire, a motorski proved hard to control for an inexperienced driver, wreaking yet more havoc on the enemy camp. In the end, the entire enemy group was mercilessly destroyed, perhaps a hint of things to come, and several characters have been wounded. Finlay received a severe head wound, so the Praty decides to retreat to Pippi´s cabin with the haul of equipment and weapons they seized.

It appears the Sea Orgists were carrying a significant shipment of propaganda material from the Scientology department of Truth - including a movie projector, several films, notably many starring Tom Cruise and John Travolta, as well as e- meters, posters, pamphlets, candy, literature and a supply of Sea ORg billion-year contracts. In addition , the party now has two functioning motorskis, a few weeks of rations, some fuel (ethanol-gasoline mix) and a large number of automatic firearms, mostly AK variants and ammo. It is all deposited in a cache close to Pippi´s cabin.


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