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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
Good work on the boltholes! Do have a couple of observations...

Do you store the team equipment on the vehicles or have you considered placing items, such as explosives/ammunition in a seperate annex? Gary's Supply Bunker website has a excellent drawing of such a bolthole.

Looking over the equipment question I've always had with the cannon is why sticking a extra pistol, ration pack,medkit was such a good idea. Consider that the team already has access to their main supplies, placing an extra set of digging tools so that it would handy to the exit may be a better idea, or to carry it even further, the vehicles have thier pioneer tools, why equipment lockers at all?
Those extras are there for emergency bailouts that would be made when you can't take your entire kit with you. And admit it, when you don't have to do an emergency bailout... those little extras are good to have as a reserve.
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