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I will add a bit at the beginning explaining that the fanzine articles are, by no means, indicative of established Twilight: 2000 and Twilight: 2013 material. Articles can certainly have content that could directly contradict material in previously published material.

I don't want to get into a big nitpicking session of what jives with established timelines and what doesn't. I don't care, honestly. Those that do care will know the difference, and those that don't care (like myself) will use what they want for their games. The last thing I want to do is start selectively denoting articles as non-supportive to official timeline. That will turn people off from submitting material. I've already told people that if others have interpretations that contradict what others have put material into the fanzine, they can still submit it. I won't put directly contradictory material in the same issue, and I'll do my best not to put contradictory material in back-to-back issues either.

I don't want to turn this fanzine into a "my material is better than your material" type of thing. Everyone's material deserves to be shown if they want to share it. It doesn't have to jive with the official timelines. It doesn't even have to jive with the official game system if someone has something for another game mechanic they want to share.

I want this fanzine to be something people can pick up, see a variety of different and hopefully intriguing ideas, and hopefully enjoy it. People are free to use, discard, or rework any of the items for their own games.

So I'll have a blanket disclaimer explaining that none of the material should be construed as official or directly in line with established timelines.
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