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Slowly but surely tackling everything I intend to. This may be the last major update. That's been said before, I know, but for the first time there's no real big gaping hole of research I feel hasn't been covered so barring any glaring errors I've missed thus far this will be the final version of the OOB. The Air National Guard OOB has some more work and supplementary pieces to go in it, however that's a much less demanding piece of work overall.

I still have no intention of covering the Regular Army Divisions' makeup. You can find those OOBs on Wikipedia in a lot of cases that are as accurate as what I do, mostly, so I don't feel the need to reprint that. This whole business has a sisyphean feeling anyway.

New is an appendix covering non-divisional Regular Army units, their locations, assignments if known to non-divisional HQ units, and some clean-up to other parts (No one commented on Fort Carson, CA? I'm shocked). Included is a neat potential starting point for a squad, the uniquely organized 2nd Battle Group, 31st Infantry stationed at the Aviation School in Fort Rucker.
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