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Originally Posted by hell-fish View Post
I'd like to eventually do a Soviet Vehicle Handbook for sure, but I think a NATO (or rest of world?) guide might be best left to someone with more insight. I can probably fake my way through the NATO units in 1962-1964, but I doubt it would hold up to any scrutiny.

I'd like to flesh out the war in Europe a bit more, but again, I'd be pretty out of my depth in the details. I can nuke anything, but I'm sure there's someone better suited to telling you about what's been vaporized. I can certainly help as needed, of course.

Now that I think about it, I'd love to figure out what happened to Algeria.

I'm amused we both killed off the Cuban expeditionary forces.

I'm in no way beholden to my own unit locations. I was trying to aim for flavor and diversity for the vehicle plates as much as pragmatism and TW2k canon. I built the story of the war around what the original author had and in places I thought I could add some flavor - the New Americans were patterned after a redneck version of ISIS, for example, after I added KKK markings to an M44 howitzer and wanted a backstory for it.

And the M59 APC is definitely on the list of things to do. I intend to be pretty comprehensive with the armored vehicles, though softskins will probably get bunched together in individual examples (I doubt all the various 2.5-ton trucks are so dissimilar in game terms). I didn't know the M8 was also used in SP units - I only saw it referenced with the Skysweepers and as prime movers for the heavy field pieces. The M8 is actually my favorite vehicle of the period, though I can't explain why.
Yeah, the Cuban force is gone in my timeline as well and the Gulf Coast units are pretty badly fractured. There's a lot of scattered notes about the US situation I've never really developed into prose (The US Army in Yugoslavia, the domestic situation, etc.) and may well never get around to.

I've got no arguments with how you did it! Very good work.

Yeah, the panoply of 2 1/2 and 5 ton truck variants is better left to the GM if they really want to drag them all in. In my (needlessly extensive) research into the M52 units, they were apparently supposed to be one per section to serve the ammo needs of the firing units for resupply although I doubt the distribution ever got that high.
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