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On a similar note, it's interesting to see that the Free League forums typically have two or more sections for each game they produce. Usually it's as follows: -
GM's Only
Swedish Corner

The section for Twilight: 2000 has only one heading - General.
This is also the situation for another non-Free League IP, The One Ring (i.e. Lord of the Rings).

One could infer from that situation, that Free League have more interest in the games they hold the IP for. Now that's not necessarily anything bad or evil, it's quite natural to want to promote the games you developed so you can earn something from all the work you put in.
But I would think that they would have extended the same "love" towards any game they produce, regardless of the IP owner.
What that says about Free League's intent towards the IPs that they don't own but are licensing, is open to speculation.
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