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A little more on Poland not being in the WPact, and the Pact not existing.

Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
This feels like a bait & switch to me, one of the reasons I backed it was the assurance that the timeline would match ... the earlier history. Now that they have my money, "Oh, just a few touch-ups..."

... I'm not particularly wedded to either timeline, I'm just put out that I (felt like I was, anyway) promised one thing before giving them money, and now they're changing something pretty major.
I've been thinking about this occasionally over the weekend, and I feel now that I may have reacted too strongly. I'm not going to demand a refund, I will attempt to give the game a fair shot when I get to see it. It's still a little bitter, but I'm not going to spend the time to try and track down where and when "I was lied to". After all, I know my memory is shoddy enough that I need to take notes where it's important!

After all, as a GM, when it arrives I can always deep-six the pieces I don't like and swap in my preferences, as seen in multiple posts on this forum just recently.

Having said that, so far, it stretches my credulity that the reviving USSR, alone, could take on NATO (possibly expanded with Poland and others?) and hold on for years. Speculation: is there still a Soviet war with the PRC? That might work to the Soviet's benefit, if there isn't.
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