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A cold wind howled around the corners of the Bakersfield bunkersComplex ,whipping clouds of the finely powdered ,grey dust into a crazy dance outside the NBC proof windows.Out in the distance a ragged line of huddled workers shuffled uncomfortably out into the RAD storm.They were heading to the ruins due north to start rebuilding yet another dilapidated structure.General Sanchez watched them with eyes red and sore from lack of sleep. A slight nausea had kept him uncomfortably awake all night.That -and the letters he had recieved from Central Command .No amount of booze had helped ,it only made hom throw up.Even the pills that finally knocked him out had made hime retch.

Rad sickness.

Damn all those years crawling around in the ruins of a city hit by nuclear devices -without an NBC suit.Damn all those missions to contaminated areas.Damn the times he had handled nuclear devices..The march across the devestated America .He motioned to the servant standing immovable by the wall at the far end of the opulent room.Soundlessly the servant approached -his eyes averted. "Yes ,general?"

"I wish to sit here.Pull that chair over for me.And fetch food!"

The servant complied silently and withdrew. Outside in the distance a flight of BV 212 and the new emergency fighters the HE 162/2000 were racing east.Probably to intercept a MilGov bombing mission on The Sierra Line.

Another long line of ragged workers were heading out into the dust storm .He watched as they disappeared into the clouds of sand- the wind lashing their filthy clothes around their scrawny bodies .

He sighed and pulled out the manilla envelope marked "CENTRAL COMMAND- ATOMIC TO SECRET" .Damn central command .Sending HIM-the great General Sanchez,conquerer of California and vanquisher of the Holnist Foe out to run errants like a commoner!!!

He looked about to make sure he was alone and stretched his arms .Tilting the letter at an angle to finally be satisfied and start reading.He would be damned before being seen with glasses.Still he thouht idea had one good trait.Planting a 100% loyal man and then let it be known he secretly wore glasses.Let it simmer and be all smiles -then have his man report back to him."Who is making fun of me ? Who gets a little chuckle ?" .Rationing would have to be stricter soon.Why not start the process by trimming the organization a bit ?
He chuckled a little and his face went dead blank again in the meztiso inscrutability had always carried.

The cover was almost pristine as all the other contingency orders in his safe.They all said the same in different words. sound off and regroup.Prepare for inspection.

He opened the letter.
It read :

To General Pablo Sanchez
From: Henry Valdimir Haussmann ,LEADER of PACGOV and the NEW DAWN MOVEMENT


General! A dangerous situation have arisen that needs your imminent attention! I am sending a team of the best people there is to counter the threat.
You are ordered to put of all prior and future engagements -indefinently.
Please consider the grave situation and complete all instructions with utmost urgency.

You are ordered to be present at the Morro Bay PacNav barracks as of now.Proceed without delay.You are to present all equipment and weaponry including personal weapons to be registered .You will then be resupplied and regrouped for R & R if necessary.New orders will be issued immidiately after .Reconstruction of our nation has commenced.
That is all - the New Dawn is coming !

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