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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
I've been a player in a v2.2 game online this last month, and we got deep into our first firefight last night (We've been very cautious!). The 2.2 init rule was a bit unpopular. The group has myself, 3 v1 players who hadn't played since Back in The Day, and the GM very new to the game. House rule suggestions were called for.

Already a house rule is that the 2nd action for Initiatives 6-7 do not let you move twice in a round. You're fast, but not that fast!

I'm a fan of many aspects of the v2/2.2 system (wounds, repetition & direction, autofire), but the rigidity of it has always bothered me.

My thoughts since last night would be to retain the Initiative as rolled at chargen, but use that as a drm. I'd like it to be a d6 (d8?), so the modifier is still potentially more important than the die roll. If the roll were a d20, then the swing of the die is potentially much more important than the speed of action inherent in the character. Someone with a +6 is still really good in combat, but not the super-human that he is in the RAW. So, the range of actions would be 1-13, someone with an average +3 would have a range of 4-9.

Addition 1: the die is still rolled only at the start of combat.
2. Wounds still reduce the modifier, -1 for Slight, -3 for Serious.
2a. If the modifier goes to 0, you're out for the day?
3. Scratch wounds (first wound of the combat) still cause you to lose your next action.
3a. Scratch wounds also cause a re-roll of the initiative die?
4. If you max out the die roll, roll again for a 2nd action (no modifier this time). Only one bonus roll, you don't get to add more if you keep rolling 6s.
4a. Wounds take this 2nd action out entirely???

This keeps the Wound effects, the possibility of multiple actions (open to everyone, but still very rare).
I may retain Repetition and Commands as RAW.

I'd roll a 1D6 and add it to the Base Initiative. You will be generating a number from 2 to 12 (or 13 for Initiative 7). You can then divide by 2 (rounding up) to determine which Initiative Phase (from 1 to 6) the combatants go in. Alternatively, you could just subtract [a number you select between 6 and 10] from the initiative score and give anyone who still has a positive Intiative score a second ACTION.
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