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Originally Posted by Rupert Willies View Post
First we need to check the radar to see if we can detect anything following us. Next we can try the radio, and see if there is anything to be heard there. We can even check the international ship registry to see if there are any known ships registered in our vicinity. This is a job for Mao, if he can haul his ass out of bed. Maybe a little hacking challenge can lure him out of his mire of self pity.

Next I post a man with the ships binos to see if there is anything to be learnt from the lights themselves; Organic/artificial/unknown, blinking patterns (waves or actual blinking) etc

If the sea isn't too violent, I ready one of the choppers for a recon. I prefer the MI-8, as it is perfect for the job. If there isn't one, can we mount a winch in the doorway?

Then we just need to sober up a bit, gather some crew members, and up, up and away!!
This will be where we start the mission....
Entering a helicopter on a ship in full storm
Love it...
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