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If you want to include websites dealing with the Cold War era, there's quite a few but for the moment I'll just name a few.
If nothing else, some of these sites have images that can be useful for showing the Players what things looked like.

Tanks Encyclopedia - Cold War: -
Despite the site name, it also lists other armoured vehicles such as IFVs, APCs, SP artillery/anti-air and of, I think, greater interest, some lesser known vehicles including projects/prototypes such as the Thyssen-Henschel/Bofors "Infantry Escort Vehicle" for those who like to throw in a "What if" or two: -

Some lesser known West German Cold War locations: -

Arcanum. Urban Exploration - military sites: -
Again, another one with images but lots of them with some subjects that we don't often see a lot of, such as accommodation/recreation buildings and command post bunkers.
Plus due to the nature of urban exploration focusing on abandoned sites, many of the images are of ruined facilities or repurposed buildings (hay bales stored in a former hardened aircraft shelter for example) that can be used for gaming.

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