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Originally Posted by Legbreaker View Post
In a current game Lurken is running and a few of us here are playing in, we've coined a term for what happens to wounded prisoners - "German first aid". Usually carried out with a bayonet or other melee weapon and occasionally occurring after interrogation of otherwise perfectly healthy prisoners.

Our first encounter with this was while on a foot recce with several members of a German Recon battalion. We found ourselves with a number of prisoners, several of which were too wounded to move under their own power, no way to move them without giving up our prize (1,000 litres of desperately needed methanol in a horse drawn tanker), and the threat of an AFV supported reaction force bearing down on us within the next 10-15 minutes.
Pistols were drawn and further bloodshed BARELY avoided before the necessity of the action was realised by those who were most upset by it.

Since then we as PCs have made a conscious effort to ensure at least one of us remains with any prisoners we capture to avoid any further applications of German First Aid after "escape attempts".
Yea, I included it after some thinking about what a Charismatic and Murderous leader of the Battalion could lead to. I included it because I wanted you all to be forced to consider the wrongness of the Germans in that Battalion, and that they are not the "best" allies.

Also, since you have been staying with them odds would increase that the Soviets will hunt actively after you. Luckily for the group so far, is that you managed to pass the Warta river and "hidden" near the mine. The same mine that has an understanding with the Soviets to not poke around each other too much.

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