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It should be remembered though, that not everyone will have the same thoughts on for example, slavers. While we all generally agree that we want the good guys to be "good", some Players don't get overly invested in the situation because it is, after all, a game and not real life - thus they can safely ignore what they would usually object to.
I like it when my Players get invested in their characters, the game, the story and so on but not every Player wants to do that.

Some don't even realise that they are or are not getting invested and so I don't feel that any particular circumstance where the PCs do something "not so good" is any true indicator of how the Players will act in the future (in game or even in real life).
If a Player constantly takes the bad guy choices, then I'm going to be concerned. But because T2k has many moral grey areas, there are going to be times when the characters have to make a choice between the two evils and sometimes the lesser of the two evils isn't really any less evil. It doesn't make the PCs (or the Players for that matter) bad guys, it just means the choices they had were bad.

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