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Default Elective Battle

Originally Posted by Rainbow Six View Post
You said that your players had already 'tangled with the IPAT'. Do you think that might have influenced their decision?
Probably, but they'd already passed Tarnobrzeg (it's upriver of Sandomierz) so the decision was mostly elective. If it was downriver, and therefore an obstacle to the tug crew's ultimate goal of reaching Warsaw, then the arguments for assisting the slavers would be a lot stronger (IMHO). As it was, the PCs had to backtrack, and risk their lives a second time, to assist the slavers.

On the other hand, if they'd decided to overthrow the Sandomierz gov't, there would also have been a fight, one which they were not as prepared for as they would be for the second battle against the IPAT. The Sandomierz authorities gave the tug crew materials to help fortify the vessel and 82mm mortar ammo for its Vasilek. That made their decision to help the slavers seem even more mercenary (which, in fairness, they had, for all practical intents and purposes, become).

I reviewed the IC thread to see how it all went down; I did not scroll through the OOC (it may have been deleted, actually), so I don't know how much soul-searching and hand-wringing went on during the decision-making process but, IIRC, there was very little discussion or second-guessing regarding helping a slave state.

Anyway, the PCs made their decision and I did not interfere.

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