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Interesting take on events. I really like Morrow's power being batteries rather than cold fusion.

I see you have kept Krell around to be a push. I can't remember if his forces were on Ontario or Erie. Erie even is pushing hard against the canon forces east of him. Are they defeated or not in your history?

The KFS is also very low key in this version, or at least what I would consider low key. Again are they stronger to the south with no need or too many issues to the north to allow or require them to move that way? Or have they yet to develop as strongly as canon?

I would really like to see a series of maps of the various groups you concentrate on, say from New Hampshire to Buffalo, Ontario/Quebec to the bottom of Pennsylvania. Say every 10 years or when significant events or changes happen from 2080 to "present".

Not too far off canon but with enough variation to be viable and interesting.
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