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Default Alertnative Uniforms

I really hated the jump suite so I gave my MP teams a Vietnam Era fatigue (Slant Pockets) uniform. It was made of a heavy resist weave material (A combo of spider silk and spectra fibers and Kevlar) There was also a lighter version available if needed. It also had built in knee pads and elbow pads. The uniforms were color coordinated to the teams units
Light Gray was Medical
Dark Gray was mechanical and engineering
Light Olive Green was Ag
Dark Green for Science
Brown was for Recon ( updated to coyote brown)
Camouflage Uniforms were saved for MARS and RATT teams
Light Tan was for Command as well as any major base unit non combat
They also had color coordinated berets and a field cap similar to the WWII German caps. The field caps were the same color as the uniform.
I figured the color uniforms would help teams recognize each others units quickly.
I had also came up with giving the recon teams a set of Civilian style cloths made of resist weave to recon villages and towns in to avoid being noticed to quickly. They could hide radios and weapons on them and if trouble arose they could quickly call for help while trying to unass out of the area. a team of two could walk into a town relatively unnoticed in civies and get a good recon of the town and a feel for the folks before the armor comes rolling in. Pretty much the whole idea of recon and contact.....
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