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I have an infinity for coyote brown as well as A-TAC. I noticed once taking my son out to play airsoft there was a heavy on multi-cam and this would cause blue on blue incidents in heated moments. We both used either coyote brown or A-TAC. We never had issue finding or locating each other in the field and you could easily add pattern with grass or mud/dirt with the coyote brown and A-TAC did a really good job of blending in to the local Texas terrain, I think even better in certain areas. I do own some multi-cam gear, but I wanted something a bit different for my world.. I do see the SF teams using multi-cam/ scorpion. But I think MP teams would want to not be confused with them in the aftermath senarios. I have even considered A-TAC for recon as well as MARS.... Things are subject to change without notification.
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