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I know this is a late response but I think many of us were probably trying to find "the right words" in reply. I'm glad you've found something to pour your energy into that also forms a positive connection to your son.
I kind of understand your situation, a close friend of mine committed suicide in the early 2000s and at the time it left me shocked and very much bewildered. We had gamed quite a bit, mostly D&D 2nd Ed. and Dark Conspiracy with some Merc: 2000 in the mix.

So for what it's worth you have my condolences and sympathy and although I'm not particularly active on the Morrow forum, I usually check the Twilight forum once or twice a week. So if there's any particular questions or things you want to ask about, feel free to PM me. I haven't played much TMP but I have many of the published books for the game and some website links and have a general love of the post-apoc genre so hopefully I can offer something.
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