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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
I know this is a late response but I think many of us were probably trying to find "the right words" in reply. I'm glad you've found something to pour your energy into that also forms a positive connection to your son.
I kind of understand your situation, a close friend of mine committed suicide in the early 2000s and at the time it left me shocked and very much bewildered. We had gamed quite a bit, mostly D&D 2nd Ed. and Dark Conspiracy with some Merc: 2000 in the mix.

So for what it's worth you have my condolences and sympathy and although I'm not particularly active on the Morrow forum, I usually check the Twilight forum once or twice a week. So if there's any particular questions or things you want to ask about, feel free to PM me. I haven't played much TMP but I have many of the published books for the game and some website links and have a general love of the post-apoc genre so hopefully I can offer something.
I greatly appreciate that. We had had a lot of fun testing out ideas and rewriting/ advancing timelines.. I do miss him. Many years ago we use to play Twilight, we had one game that went on if I remember almost 3 years. We went all over Europe, somehow made it back to the US and helped reset the Government, making lots of enemies and even more NPC friends... Best and longest game we EVER played. Great times and lots of cider and beer drank and BBQ eaten... we would grill while playing...
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