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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
The good thing about the fourth cylinder is that it would give you extra teams, a MARS team for certain, 5-6 Recon Teams just to help control/patrol the local area. Another farm, extra storage for critical items (all though I simply add a short tunnel extension off the mission annex) could go into the extra cylinder. Hmmmm, ever seen a map of the Malinta tunnels on Corrigador? Might even be a better idea than the one long tunnel concept.
Now that I think about it, a larger force is a better idea than my force structure. I only had 2 Recon Teams. THIS IS PRIME BASE!!! I agree that 5-6 Recon just to keep the neighborhood safe. The people who staff PB have a LOT of work to do. They do not need to worry about some scruffy ingrate who might have a grudge doing something STUPID.

Also, I would not have set up the village so close to Prime. Yes there was some water available. But if I were the commander of PB, I do not want any trouble on my doorstep!!??!! Yes the directives of TMP say to help others. No problem. Just do not help them HERE!! Move them 10-20 klicks elsewhere. I am sure you can find water in other places.

Also, once the teams release, I would think no return to PB. No back track possible, no bio/chem/nuclear contamination to deal with. With a 5-6 Recon team force, you can send a LOT of duce and a halves with resupply as needed to any one in need.

Also, don't you find it interesting that in the canon, there is NO mention of the doctors in PB using U.A. to try and stop the bio??? I mean, as soon as you suspect something, out come the Bio-Beds, and you start an assembly line to try to innoculate as many as possible in as short a time as possible.

Well, enough of me on a soap box today.

My $0.02

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