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No complaints from me.

Stunningly dumb mismanagement. Let's see open up the uber top secret burn after reading primary (possibly sole) Headquarter as a refugee camp.

I guess it made for a plausible, though tragically dumb way to remove Prime Base and set up the game for the 150 year lapse.

BTW what the hell has Krell been doing for 150 years? The had to know that was Prime Base. Nuke the village, then a Biowar weapon on your enemies state of the art facility staffed with PHDs of all stripes? Kind wander off because suffering villages in wisconsin are more interesting?


Another thing I dislike about the PB module is the failure to detail the Krell Warriors. There they were an organized force right after the war and capable of delivering a nuke. A hundred years later their spear chuckin abos? Really?

The whole module needs a re-write.
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