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Default Mao Energie research, a new branch of the future

a following statement is given:
as the Roethle Group said:
"People want an inexhaustible pool of energy in a small package that is cheap, safe and clean. A radical turn will be needed to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for portable and mobile power. It is anyone's guess whether a superior electro-chemical battery, an improved fuel cell, a futuristic atomic fusion battery or some other groundbreaking energy storage device will fulfill this dream. For many, this break will not come in ones lifetime."

we at Mao energie research, will use cutting technology to extend the usetime of all your gadgets in the future, we have hired a leading name in olivines battery technology, mr Yet-Ming Chiang,
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and will use his expertice to make better longer living and cheaper battery, currently the research will be done in the united states and tokyo, as for the production of these future batteries is a matter of outsourcing it stands unanswered at this time.

the future will be powered by Mao Inc. division of energie
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